Friday, 15 March 2013

Novelist - Up and Running...

I’m a new Fiction Writer – I write Psychological Thrillers – and I’m at that wide-eyed stage where I can call myself a ‘Professional Novelist’ - but only just.

How many of us new initiates are out there? Writers who have got past the first post, but who are slightly/fairly/downright mystified about the publishing business. We don’t need advice about how to get an Agent or write a query letter or a synopsis  – but we’re not exactly sure how things work. Such as what to expect from an Agent. How much say we have in proceedings. And how long things take (such as waiting for revisions to come back from an Editor or waiting for publishers to bid for a book).

Tigsey waiting for a publisher to show an interest...

I see writing as my new career, but I’m off to a bumpy start. I’m nowhere near being a ‘Bestselling’ or even ‘mid-list’ author, I’m not doing book launches up and down the country or giving interviews or talks in libraries. Nobody has heard of me! But I DO have a very reputable Agent and book deals for my first two novels, in Germany and France. Yes - that sounds very promising, but it also means those books – THE EVIL BENEATH and GIRL ON A TRAIN - will come out in German and French – so no one in the UK can read them! My Agent is trying to find a UK publisher, of course - and I have three further novels (two awaiting revisions) sitting on his shelf - but it is proving a hard nut to crack. All I can do is – K-e-e-p Writing…

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself – I wrote my very first piece of fiction in 2008. It’s not long. Authors wait far, far longer than this to get anywhere. 

So what will this Blog be about? 

We’ll look at the trials and struggles of being a serious writer, share inspiration and encouragement, share writing tips, bits and bobs about how I write and more. It’s for anyone who may be interested in the Creative Process and might also be travelling on this wobbly Writing Journey.

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