Friday, 15 March 2013


Firstly, I wanted to recommend Elizabeth Haynes book, Into the Darkest Corner. She’s a fairly new writer and this was a truly gripping read.  Her blog is fun too. She used to be a police intelligence analyst and on her latest post she includes a selection of past spellos from the office. This is my favourite:

“Jewellery was eventually located in a chester draws”

I also wanted to extol the virtues of libraries. I have always thought it is amazing to be able to walk into what looks like a massive bookshop and take handfuls of novels home to read – for FREE… And to be able to reserve books that are already out on loan or get first grab on newly published ones (reserves are currently free in Southampton, anyway).  I am constantly reminded of this true gift. And the authors get paid, too – currently around 6.20 pence for each loan. If you’re a published writer and don’t know about this, check out: Public Lending Rights.

Okay – back to work – starting chapter 19 of the first draft of my current novel, The Empty Boat. I hear my previous Agent’s words in my ears: ‘There has to be drama in every scene.’ She was big on jeopardy, too. ‘More jeopardy…’

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  1. Hi Alison! Thank you for the recommendation - and I love your new blog too. Look at all those books!! xxx


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