Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sharon's Sculpture

From time to time on my Blog, I’d like to showcase the work of talented friends. Sharon Rankin is a speciality dentist at Kings College Hospital and she’s also a sculptor, selling her work. I met her at a tennis club in Putney (she was out of my league and always beat me!) and she went on to do a BA in Fine Art, Sculpture at Kingston University, completing in 2008. I think her work is temptingly tactile and incredibly beautiful. Here are Sharon’s own words and a selection of pieces she’s produced:

"I communicate through relief carving in stone, combining craft, accuracy and control with artistry, exploration and questioning. Achieving a three-dimensional effect and natural movement through relief carving is shown in my Flowers in Portland Stone. I explore depth and technique in different types of stone, such as through a play on a real but dead plant in Extinct Plant in Slate."

Flowers in Portland Stone
Extinct Plant in Slate


"My interest in texture and movement extends to the cloth that might be found on statues, and the softness of fabric and the hardness of stone are melded in Stone Folds." 

Stone Folds

"Letter carving in stone is a tradition, which I have taken into Arabic lettering with gold, silver and copper leaf inlay as in Islamic Calligraphy."
Islamic Calligraphy
"It’s fun to play with the idea that certain objects do not necessarily need to be made of the materials we expect, as shown in Electrical Socket in Marble."
Electrical Socket in Marble
"I hope you enjoy these pictures. If you would like to know more please contact me, Sharon Rankin, at or 07939 001915"

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