Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Twitter bends your mind

I’ve only been on Twitter for seven days, but I’ve already noticed a number of disturbing personality changes:

  •          I have developed an instant intolerance for reading-matter that is      longer than fifty words
  •          Emails feel clumsy and tiresome
  •         I’m acting like an 'important' person – as though I have something worth saying...
  •         I’m constantly looking for bite-size ways to sound funny/witty (failing, obviously)
  •          The earth appears to be spinning faster
  •      The cogs in my brain seem to be spinning faster
  •      If there’s a power-cut, I’ll be stumped, lost, devastated. (Maybe one day, I’ll be forced to invest in an iPhone…)
  •      As a high-scoring Introvert (on the Myers-Briggs personality type index – I score around 90%), I feel like I’ve become more Extrovert – maybe slid down to 88%...85% introverted). However, I have to admit I'm a Twitter-Tortoise; I hibernate for hours.

Is there therapy for this...

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