Monday, 24 June 2013

Debut Novels

My first two books are out! The Evil Beneath and Girl on a Train are now available in the UK from Amazon. 

The creepy covers say it all; they’re both chilling Psychological Thrillers – full of suspense and twists. You’ll start looking over your shoulder… 

Taster for The Evil Beneath:

Impulsive and intrepid psychotherapist, Juliet Grey, can’t resist responding to an anonymous text message telling her to go to Hammersmith Bridge at dawn. But it isn’t simply the dead body in the water that disturbs her, it’s the way something uniquely personal to Juliet has been left on the corpse.

Another obscure message - another London bridge - and Juliet finds herself caught up with a serial killer, who leaves personal mementos instead of collecting trophies.

Teaming up with local detective, DCI Brad Madison, Juliet strives to find out why she has been targeted and how it’s connected to the accident that killed her brother, nineteen years ago. 

Can Juliet use her knowledge of the human psyche to get inside the mind of the killer, before another body is found under a bridge? And how long before Juliet herself becomes the next target?

Be prepared to lose sleep!

                            Taster for Girl on a Train:
Headstrong Journalist, Anna Rothman knows what suicide looks like - her own husband killer himself five years earlier.

When Elly Swift, an agitated passenger beside her on the train, leaves a locket in Anna's bag before jumping onto the tracks, Anna starts asking awkward questions. But everything points to suicide and the police close the case.
Anna, however, believes Elly’s fears for Toby, her young nephew, missing since being snatched from St Stephen’s church six months ago, fail to explain the true reason behind
Elly’s distress. Through a series of cryptic clues Elly left behind, Anna starts asking awkward questions, embarking on a dangerous crusade to track down Toby and find Elly’s killer. 

But nothing is as it seems and Anna opens a can of worms that throws into question the death of her husband, five years earlier - before the threads of the mystery converge in an astonishing conclusion.   

Jaw-dropping ending, although I say it myself! ENJOY...

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