Monday, 17 March 2014

My Writing Process (A Blog Hop)

I’ve been tagged!  Tagged, that is, to participate in a blog hop for writers. Thanks to Susan Holmes and Rae Davies author of The Dusty Deals Mystery Series for inviting me to play along!

Every Monday authors blog about their own writing process, using a standard format and answering the same questions.  This is definitely a multi-genre hop; there's been mystery, paranormal, young adult, and romance. Follow the links to “meet” more writers.

What am I working on?

I write Psychological Thrillers in the vein of Nicci French. I currently have two books doing well on Amazon (both The Evil Beneath and Girl on a Train reached Number One in ‘murder’ in the UK Kindle Charts). I’m polishing my next book so that I can work on it with my Agent. I’m looking forward to starting on a new story – I’d love to write something atmospheric involving snow in a remote spot in the Highlands!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

As a Psychotherapist for over fifteen years, I've worked with people dealing with all kinds of traumatic and disturbing situations. This means I can bring readers an authentic ‘behind the scenes’ take on the way individuals react to extraordinary circumstances and when/how these reactions lead to abnormal psychology. My clients have ranged from minor celebrities to ex-offenders from high-security institutions - quite a broad spectrum! This exclusive and privileged position has given me a rare insight not only into the conditions that can lead to disastrous decisions/actions, but also the criminal mind.

Why do I write what I do?

Words and images are very important as a Psychotherapist – they are the means by which we express our inner emotional worlds. I love listening to the words people use to describe themselves and their situations and words to me, and their etymology, are fascinating. It seems an obvious step to move from listening to extraordinary scenarios to writing about them (preserving confidentiality, of course!).

How does my writing process work?

I like to get a 'hook' at the beginning – an idea that’s a bit different to grab the reader and draw them in. With The Evil Beneath – this was the idea of a woman finding a corpse in the Thames and then realising she was wearing her own clothes… I find getting a title early grounds the book and makes it feel real. I find plotting hard – how to get everything in the correct order for the most dramatic effect – that’s the challenge! Getting a twist at the end is also key – Girl on a Train has certainly got one of those!

Keep on Hopping!

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out author Rae Davies' post from last week. And on March 24th, look for new blog hop post by author, TB Markinson on her own site.

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AJ Waines is the author of Psychological Thrillers:  The Evil Beneath and Girl on a Train.
Both books went to Number One in 'Murder' and 'Psychological Thrillers' in the UK Kindle charts.