Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sign Posts in a Writing Journey

I've only been writing fiction since the end of 2008, but in retrospect, the 'seed' has always been there. I think this is a phenomenon many people discover about themselves; that sign-posts have been lining up during their lives trying to send them in a particular direction. If they pay attention and follow their heart this can often lead to a great sense of 'homecoming' - it certainly has with me.

Here are some of my Sign Posts in my life that led me to write Psychological Thrillers:

1 An old school friend remembered (when I had forgotten all about it) that, at nine or ten years old, I used to fill exercise books with Enid Blyton-style stories and read them out on the bus on the way to the public baths!

2 My mother was a primary school teacher and used to recite stories to her class at the end of the day - each day a new chapter in the story. Amazing thing was the stories were off the top of her head - all her own ideas and never written down...

3 Our house was full (and I mean full) of crime-fiction paperbacks.

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4 I used to write poems as a teenager - horribly sentimental, but I won a school competition once with a poem about Snow. I still have it. I'll post it up if I can find it!

5 I've always loved words. As a psychotherapist words are extremely important.  Images and metaphors are the tools with which we explore and find a language for our emotional inner-worlds.

6 Imagination. Mine is a bit wild (says my husband)! I love finding out about (or imagining) what goes on behind closed doors. What goes on in people's minds... As a therapist, I see myself as the most private of Private Detectives; someone who is privileged to get inside another person’s head and take a look around, to try to piece together how they make choices, what drives them, what they’re afraid of.

7 Being a Psychotherapist has involved working with disturbed and emotionally unstable clients from high security prisons and also with totally balanced people who have had to face the most outrageous situations. It's only one step from listening to writing about this kind of material...


It took me a long time to 'come home'. Think about your life. What sign-posts have there been leading you in a particular direction. Go back to your childhood and find the clues to who you really are. Are you following your Dreams? Let me know...

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AJ Waines is the author of Psychological Thrillers:  The Evil Beneath and Girl on a Train.
Both books reached Number One in 'Murder' and 'Psychological Thrillers' in the UK Kindle charts.