Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The SECOND worst problem for Writers (after Writers' block)...

If there’s one major problem for writers – second only to Writers' Block  – it has to be BACK ACHE.
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I’m lucky that I’ve rarely been troubled by the former, but my back is now KILLING me! I was very naughty when I started writing my latest novel. Perhaps, if I’d suffered from more bouts of procrastination, I would have got up from the desk more often – but no, for the entire eight weeks of that first draft, I was practically glued to my chair.

Now I’m paying the price. But, at least I’ve learnt my lesson. Now, every day – I do stretches. I’ve always been a fan of Yoga and Pilates’ exercises, so I do these too – in short bursts when I’m boiling the kettle or making lunch. I know I should stop and go for a walk, I know I should take time out for a game of tennis in the local park – but when I’m in the thick of getting a story down – it’s unthinkable.

The answer, I’ve discovered, is not the Perfect Chair. No matter how fabulously comfy a chair may be, it makes you sit still – and it’s the sitting still that causes the problems. I’ve tried the Swedish kneelers too, but apparently you can develop poor posture using those and it’s not great for the knees.

As no expert in the area of back complaints, and assuming that there will be others out there who share this plight, I thought I’d pass on this site by Paul Ingraham, which I’ve found useful:

These aren’t pretty, but they do work (and you can do them at your desk!):

Image courtesy of Paul Ingraham

I also like this one  - and you get to hug yourself, too!

Image courtesy of Paul Ingraham
Okay – now back to my edits…
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