Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Found it! My Long-Lost Poem

I've found it! I've been looking for this for ages - a poem I wrote (and illustrated!) when I was 14! I won a school competition with it! I knew it was around somewhere. Just thought I'd share it with you for fun...but there's also something intriguing in it. Read on for a point of interest at the end...

 The Story of Winter’s Children
by Alison Waines (aged 14)

Open the doors to a flourish of cool and a flutter of surprise
The glistening gems of white and blue lie in a froth disguising the ground.
Seagulls sweep the sky with winter on their wings
As children below dance on the plateau, covered with naked trees and white.

Crumbs, flaky and pastel soft, float to settle upon the tree’s open arms
Bony and spindly, that cast a metallic glint sliding across the snow.
Apparitions lurk among the shadows and dart away at the sound of crisp footsteps,
The children hooded in duffels dream of Christmas and the taste of winter.

Tracks follow patterns across the snow
Not a word spoken as the withered glass fingers lay broken,
And others clutch the roof tops, so frail and brittle.
The trees so silent, meditating in cool calm.

As the thrills of winter beautify the country for a biting second
The willow, a glass fountain where the tears have iced as it weeps
Still doesn’t break the silence. Peace like a dove that never stays,
Such a pity it goes so swiftly.


I can see now, of course, it's just a series of image statements, but interestingly some of these have stayed with me over the years. I discovered the poem after I wrote the first draft for my latest novel, set in a remote cottage in the snow-bound Highlands, but I was surprised to find a couple of these same images cropping up - 40 years later. There's something oddly creepy about that - how the brain manages to follow similar imaginative pathways over a lifetime and makes a writer's style distinctly their own.

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