Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Much needed TLC for Authors!

Authors spend a great deal of time alone and most of that time is spent sitting at a desk. I've discovered to my cost that a bad back is often the end result, but I've come across a much needed piece of equipment that makes sitting at a desk just that little bit nicer. And - if you've got a bad back like mine - it's a real soothing treat.

CL Taylor (author of the excellent thriller, The Accident) posted about it on Twitter. Having met Cally and judged that she's a trustworthy kind of gal, I decided to look into it and found mine on Amazon:


Sometimes Amazon are brilliant. I know they are allegedly ethically unsound re tax etc, but you look for what you want, find out from reviews what a whole pile of folk think about it and then buy with one click. Mine arrived the next day.

It's a slightly 'dangerous' bit of kit in one way - you are supposed to only use it for 15 minutes at a time, but it allows you to switch it back on again once it cuts out... I don't know if with continued successive use the engine eventually burns out (I've been very good so far - and not succumbed to chain-sessions), but it's tempting... Moreover, the 15 minutes goes past SO quickly, but it is pure heaven as the hot 'thumbs' roll around my shoulders, lower or middle back. I've tried it on my neck too, lying on the floor and that's great - only not much writing gets done in that position.

The other thing I need to remember (and perhaps you do too), is to still take stand-up breaks away from the chair every 30 minutes. Sitting feels comfy, but it's a killer for the back - just ask every GP, physiotherapist or acupuncturist. Spines are meant to be mobile and as long as I keep moving with stretches and Pilates every half an hour, I reckon I'm allowed my electronic masseur!

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