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Exclusive Interview with Rebecca Bradley

I’m delighted to present an exclusive interview this week with  author, Rebecca Bradley, whose debut novel, Shallow Waters, was published yesterday!

About the Author
Rebecca Bradley lives in Nottinghamshire with her family and her one-year-old Cockerpoo Alfie, who keeps her company while she writes. She needs to drink copious amounts of tea to function throughout the day and if she could, she would survive on a diet of tea and cake while committing murder on a regular basis, in her writing, of course.

Once a month Rebecca hosts a crime book club on Google+ hangouts where you can live chat about a crime book everyone has read and has members in the UK, the US, France and Australia.

She blogs regularly at rebeccabradleycrime.com

DI Hannah Robbins will return in 2015.

Here's the Story:

When the naked, battered body of an unidentified teenager is found dumped in an alleyway, post-mortem finds evidence of a harrowing series of events.

Another teenage death with the same MO pushes DI Hannah Robbins and her team on the Nottingham City division Major Crimes Unit, to their limits, and across county borders. In a race against the clock they attempt to unpick a thick web of lies and deceit to uncover the truth behind the deaths.

But it doesn't stop there. When catching a killer isn't enough, just how far are the team willing to push themselves to save the next girl?

Over to you, Rebecca:

1. Who is your favourite character in Shallow Waters and why?

A difficult question as I have a few. I'm going with DS Aaron Stone. He's blunt, won't answer questions the way you want them answering and yet he's methodical and steady. This made him great to write and I think he's charming. You can't help but like him.

2. How did you settle on the title for Shallow Waters?

Now this is difficult for a different reason. I hated titling this novel. Truly. Hated it. How people have tons of idea's for titles I'll never know. In the end it just kind of came to me for no apparent reason. I wasn't trying to think of one at the time. The book was already written and had a perfectly awful title sat with it, why did I need another? But this came out the blue and I loved it. Funny how that happens I suppose.

3. What's the nicest thing anyone has said about the book?

I was just told by a reader that a part of it made her emotional and she had never been affected that way before. She then told me which part of the book she was talking about. To know that your words have had that affect, well, it's something else.

4. What alternative title did you consider?

Really? Do I have disclose this? It's really bad.

5. What do you enjoy most about the writing process?

The ideas! The writing is hard work!

6. Which novel do you wish you’d written?

In terms of crime fiction, Rubbernecker by Belinda Bauer. What a great concept for a novel, and a great read.

7. Can you list 3 of your favourite reads, this year?

Only 3! Wow, you're tough. I've read 83 books so far. Ok, lets try;

Cry Baby by David Jackson, Rubbernecker by Belinda Bauer and The Good Girl by Mary Kubica.

8. In the reviews and feedback you’ve had for the book – what has surprised you most?

That people are enjoying it. Doesn't that surprise every d├ębut novelist?

9. Which authors would you invite over for dinner to get to know better?

Stephen Fry because he's funny and genuine and real and also Matt Haig for the same reasons. I know, neither of them are crime writers.

10. Which one question would you want to make sure you asked them?

Do you want to swap bank accounts?
A big thanks to Rebecca for sharing her thoughts with us! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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