Monday, 15 December 2014

Five Random Delights at Christmas!

I’m madly revising a new novel before Christmas and haven’t been able to research for a ‘proper’ blog post this week. I’ve also been washed out with a throat infection, which left me without a voice (not bad news for everyone!). It made me realise how lucky I am that it’s my fingers that do the talking. And this led me to ponder on the wealth of other things I feel grateful for. As ‘problem-solving’ beings, we tend to focus on the stuff that isn’t going well and needs sorting out, rather than on the aspects that are ticking along nicely.

So to celebrate, here are Five Random Delights in my life, right now:

1. Jacob’s Cheeselets. These are yummy and only seem to be around at Christmas. Just as well. They have magical qualities – one minute they’re in the dish – the next, they’re gone…How did that happen??

2. To-be-read list: Every writer needs one of these - here is my first batch for over Christmas and the new year. I adore having books lined up, ready to open. It’s like being in Doctor Who; I get to open the door of my Tardis and step into a new world.

3. ‘Family and Friends’ is an obvious choice, but when family are also friends – it’s even more special. My sister and brother-in-law have been brilliant this year, especially in sorting out ‘just about everything’ in connection with my father’s death. They really are amazing! A MASSIVE thank you to them...

4. Having a cello again after ten years of not playing is my next gratitude. The fact that I’m reunited with the same beautiful instrument I had 30 years ago is even more special and a bit surreal. My heartfelt thanks to Shirley who passed away in September and bequeathed it to me and to my father for this lovely pastel picture of me playing, from 1986.

5. Amaretto – a new discovery for Hubbie and I. Our Christmas dessert is going to be homemade vanilla ice-cream 'with a choice' of (aka both) hot chocolate sauce and poured-over Amaretto. Bliss…

On that note, I wish you very good wishes for the Festive Season and have a lovely time over the holiday period! Back in the New Year! More novels on the way...
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