Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Fabulous site for Writers - published or not...

If you've been following my blog, you'll know I'm at the 'ideas' stage with a new novel - ferreting around inside my brain for that nifty little 'hook' that is going to blow a publisher away... Mmm. In shuffling my ideas together into something my agent can fathom, I've come across this brilliant site which covers just about every writing issue you could possibly imagine - from pitches to synopses, submissions to book selling:

http://helpineedapublisher.blogspot.co.uk/ by Nicola Morgan

Nicola also has a new site now, where she gives more information on training, public speaking, advising and her work on 'Teenage Brains and Stress', but the information on her first blog still stands and I'm going to be taking a tour of it over the coming days.

So far, I've learnt the difference between jacket blurbs and pitches and how a pitch to an agent needs to have the ending - not just rhetorical questions, like 'Will Lucy learn the truth before her best friend blows her life apart?' - that kind of thing (that's not the story, by the way).

I've also learnt more about 'hooks', 'pitches', the 'premise' and how long these should be to be most effective. There are lots of examples on Nicola's site and the content feels very 'live' with mini tutorials with visitors to her pages.

Nicola has also written fiction, non-fiction books for writers, as well as books about difficulties facing teenagers. Why not take a look?

Talking of IDEAS - just learnt that my opening to a novel has won a copy of  The Facts of Life & Death at Transworld publishing! I had to tweet the fictional opening line to a crime novel... Here it is:

'You turned your back. I told you never to turn your back.'
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