Sunday, 6 September 2015

Girls on Trains - How a Title can Impact on Sales

When I wrote my second psychological thriller, it was originally called Dead in her Tracks. My agent at the time, decided it would benefit from a better title and we settled on Girl on a Train. Now, to many of you, that might sound familiar – or does it? At least a year after my book came out, another train thriller popped on to the market, called The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins. I’ve read this book and it’s a cracking good read, but it’s also had an impact – both in a positive and negative way – on my own book. Here’s why...

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AJ Waines' latest Psychological Thriller is Dark Place to Hide. 
  •  Girl on a Train also became a Number One Bestseller in the entire Kindle Chart in Australia (2015)
  •  Awarded Amazon KDP All-Star Bonus for being a Top 100 most-read Author in UK (2015)

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