Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My Top 3 books of 2016

It's time to share my Top Three best reads of 2016!

Firstly, I need to say - with regret and shame - that I don't read enough books...

There, I've said it.

I WANT to read more; I adore reading and there is so much to learn from good writing, but I tend to get on a roll with my own writing - and reading feels like a 'luxury.'

I really want to do something about this in 2017. I have so many novels that look enticing on my 'wish list' and I'm working on changing my mind set so that I regard reading as a non-negotiable and absolutely necessary aspect of my development. And before you shout 'Tut-Tut' at me, I KNOW this already, of course. I just don't follow through - because I have new story ideas to dream up, editing, proofreading, formatting, book launches, publicity and own books to write...

Even Tigsey has time to read...

So 2017 is going to be the 'Year of Honing my Craft' and a big part of this is going to more analysis of aspirational writing and a wider scope in my reading. Apart from anything, reading more will get me away from the PC screen (good for my eyes and my back). Besides, I've always loved learning and my goal right from my first attempts at writing fiction eight years ago has been to 'be the best writer I can be' - so that's going to be my big focus. What I mustn't do, however, is get so comfy in my armchair by the fire that I drop off... Oh, yes - I'm afraid that's happened rather more times than I wish to admit (another reason why I tend to stay at my desk and keep writing!)

Anyway, back to my selections and apologies that my top three books come from quite a small pool of choices...

In no particular order, my TOP THREE novels of 2016 are (drum-roll...):

Ruth Ware - The Woman in Cabin 10
 You can read my review HERE
Fiona Neill - The Good Girl
  Review HERE
Belinda Bauer - The Facts of Life and Death
 Review HERE

                                             See my full list on Goodreads HERE
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