Friday, 9 February 2018

My Shift from Indie to Traditional Publishing

The last few months have been pretty manic and I thought it was high time I came up for air to let you know what I've been up to! 

The terrific news is that I've now got a UK publisher, Bloodhound Books, for my next two novels. This is a pretty big shift for me. I've been known, to date, as a 'Hybrid' author, with traditional deals abroad and self-published books in UK – a route that has worked out incredibly well for me. So, why the change? 

Firstly, it means I can get TWO novels out in 2018, which would have had me on the floor in a heap had I not had a publisher! A standalone within six months and the next in my Dr Sam series, soon after – is a great way to keep a high profile. For any author, staying in the spotlight is the key! And there's no better way to do that than by bringing out a new book.

But the main reason for choosing a publisher has been the increasing workload. I currently have six books out in the world needing individual management. By that, I mean tweaking the prices, setting up Amazon deals and promotions, changing the metadata from time to time, responding to readers queries. It’s a bit like having a huge family – six demanding children vying for my attention with two more on the way!! I’d got to the point before Christmas when it all seemed too much. The thought of  setting up the next title from scratch felt downright daunting, even though I’ve done it several times before. Doing everything from organising the book cover through to the Blog Tour at the launch itself is a lot of work and systems change – just when you think you’ve got the hang of it, it doesn’t work that way anymore!

I've used a Trello board to organise my book releases in the past and each book has had a run up of about six months from the moment of completion to launch date, with over a hundred different stages each time. The hardest part is doing everything in exactly the right order and covering all the little details as well as leaving enough time, such as gaps for proof copies to be mailed over from US, then getting these out to proofreaders.
So, on the verge of running out of steam, I contacted a publisher who had approached me earlier in the year, Bloodhound Books. I’d heard through the grapevine that, although a small indie publisher, they were expanding rapidly, taking on new bestselling authors and getting great feedback from a bunch of happy writers. I’m delighted to say Bloodhound read my book and snapped it up within 36 hours! They also wanted the next one in the Dr Samantha Willerby series, PERFECT BONES – the thriller I was originally planning to release this year. I can’t tell you what a weight off my mind it has been to pass over the nitty gritty (and hard graft) to a dedicated team of industry professionals – phew!

I can now focus on editing these two books and planning the next book... I'll still be writing full-time, but I'll have more chance to smell the roses, too! Seriously, all creative people need space to fill up their 'creative well' or else they find themselves running on empty. I'll still be doing promotion and sending out a few personal ARCs of the new books to readers, so if you’re interested in reading an advance copy, just let me know via Twitter or my Contact Form.

My first feedback from Bloodhound during the editing stage was: 'This, truly, is a brilliant novel...' 
Yikes - what more could I possibly wish for?!

So, February onwards is going to be full-steam ahead with edits on DON'T YOU DARE for the launch on May 8th, 2018 (save the date!), before I knuckle down to more edits with PERFECT BONES. That's when I'll be reacquainting myself with my intrepid amateur sleuth, Dr Sam, when she returns for this police procedural, due out in November 2018.

In the meantime, I'm playing around with a few new ideas for book number nine...

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