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NEW! Perfect Bones - Writing Thrillers: The character who doesn't speak...

New Psychological Thriller


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The Low-Down

In Perfect Bones, one of the key characters, Aiden Blake, a sensitive young artist, can't utter a word. Having witnessed a horrific attack near his canal boat, he's so traumatised he's rendered mute. But there's a bigger problem - he's the sole witness. 

It’s clear from the crime scene that the culprit came right up to the narrowboat where Aiden was putting out his washing. No wonder, then, that The Met are desperate for him to give them a description of the attacker.

He saw everything...

That's when psychologist and 'amateur sleuth', Samantha Willerby, is brought in. She's an expert in art therapy with traumatised patients and the police give her only seven days  - after which they believe Aiden's memories will be of no use to them.
But, not only does Aiden not speak - in the early stages of the book he’s unable to communicate at all. He’s closed down and in shock. Barely able to lift a pencil.

As a former psychotherapist, it’s second nature for me to turn to disorders and unusual patterns of behaviour when writing my thrillers! This book was quite a challenge as an author! I had to convey interactions without the usual social signals we all use every day – speech, smiles, waves, nods, shrugs, shakes of the head, for instance. I also wanted to show the frustrating impact this would have on those around Aiden – those who are desperate for information they know he can give them!

With the clock ticking, eventually Aiden does draw a picture – but it’s not what anyone expects and it throws The Met into turmoil. Furthermore, another murder has been committed by then on the same stretch of towpath. Dismissing the sketch as useless, the police drop Sam from the case, but she refuses to give up. On her own, she gets closer and closer to the truth, until she’s finally driven into the terrifying path of the killer, herself. 

Then she has to ask the million-dollar question: Is the killer on the loose…or standing right beside me?
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