Friday, 21 June 2019

Enemy at the Window - PRE-ORDER Now!

I'm thrilled to announce my new stand alone psychological thriller,
 Enemy at the Window, is now available to PRE-ORDER!

Only 99p/99c for a limited period on Amazon!
Here's the Jacket Blurb!

Someone knows what you did... and they're watching you...

Daniel is living the dream with a devoted wife, perfect job and adorable toddler. Until, out of the blue, his wife accuses him of having an affair and stabs him in a frenzied attack with a kitchen knife. As his wife is sectioned in a psychiatric ward, Daniel returns home from intensive care to find his precious world is inexorably falling apart:

Who is prowling around his house?
Why is someone sending threatening postcards?
And who is his son talking to in the dead of night?

As Daniel attempts to put his life back together, a merciless force just out of reach is unravelling it, bit by bit, until Daniel is plunged into his worst nightmare.

Enemy at the Window is an utterly gripping psychological suspense thriller, full of secrets, lies and betrayal, leading to a heart-stopping conclusion. It will appeal to fans of authors such as C.L. Taylor, Mark Edwards and Sabine Durrant.

What readers are saying about Enemy at the Window:

 "There should be a ten-star option on ratings for this one. 
What an awesome, edge of the seat, page turner!!" 5 stars
(Karen Barton, Goodreads Reviewer)

"An explosive read... and amazingly clever story" 5 stars
(Alison Cook, Goodreads Reviewer)

"Fair warning... Don't read this book unless you 
want to get hooked from the first paragraph until the last" 5 stars
 (Jim Jordan, Goodreads Reviewer)

"A tantalising cleverly thought-out plot… one gripping read" 5 stars
(Misfits farm, Goodreads Reviewer)
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