Friday, 26 August 2016

My Obsessions Laid Bare!

When I moved house recently, I realised there were clocks in every room - sometimes more than one. Having checked with friends, I found this was rather excessive! Being a former psychotherapist, I wondered why I needed so many clocks! Why do I constantly need to know the time? But clocks weren't the only items that were popping up in every room! Let me explain...


During my training as a therapist, I underwent a psychological profile test (Myers-Briggs) and discovered that I came out with a preference for ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Judging). The latter indicator refers to a desire to be organised on a day-to-day basis. People with the 'Judging' preference want things to be neat, orderly and established as opposed to the opposite type (Perceiving) who want things to be spontaneous, with plenty of scope for flexibility. 'Judgers' want things settled, 'Perceivers' want things open-ended. My score for 'Judger' was nearly off the scale!

Having a clock in every room completely fits with my 'type'! I like certainty, I like to be early for appointments (I hate being late), I like to orientate myself within the day and measure how much time I can allocate for activities.  If I have a dentist appointment at 9am, for example, I know I'll have to leave at 8.30am, and have breakfast before 8am, and so on. I perpetually have my watch set a couple of minutes early - which has been a life-safer at times, when I've had to make a dash for the local train!

I have friends who leave the house without a watch. Can you imagine that!? They spend the entire day without a watch! Now, to me - that is like leaving the house without any clothes on. How do they catch their trains, avoid parking fines when their tickets run out or get anywhere on time? To some of you (also Judger types), this will sound totally familiar and common sense. To the Perceiver types, my way will feel prescriptive and OTT.

As a light sleeper, I need a clock in the bedroom that's completely silent (not a flicker of a tick is permitted) and not bright in the dark. However, I do want to know what the time is during those brief moments if I wake during the night. Having spent years trying to find the perfect clock, I now have a digital one that shines the time on the wall beside me. Problem solved. I LOVE it!


As we packed up to move house, I noticed that mirrors had been reproducing around our house like flies. There was at least one mirror in every room in the house. In some rooms - ahem - I counted three... So what's the story with having mirrors everywhere? I believe this is also about certainty in a more existential way. To some of you, this may sound wacky, but I can only feel solid and fully 'real', if I can see myself! I don't mean all the time, but just checking in every now and again, at least once a day. Being a very 'visual' personality, 'seeing' literally is 'believing' for me and I start to feel disoriented if there are no mirrors around me. It's not a vanity thing. It's not about 'how' I look, it's more to fully check that I am there at all; that I exist. Sound crazy? Mmm...that's just the way it is.


I have one in the garden, two in the house (upstairs and down), one in the medicine drawer and I often refer to the one on the dashboard in the car. Normal, right? It is for me. I'm one of those people who feel the cold. Terribly. No matter what time of year, I always seem to need two more layers than everyone else! Being able to judge what I'll need to wear in order not to freeze is therefore a daily requirement. It's another 'measuring' tool - like a clock - that lets me know where I stand.

In my new book (currently available to Pre-Order), Inside the Whispers, another of my obsessions comes to light, but you'll have to wait a while to find out about that! In the meantime, what are your obsessions and why do you think you have them?!

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Inside the Whispers - What's it About?

My NEW chilling thriller is on PRE-ORDER NOW!

For those who'd like to know what it's all about, here's the story:

Where the most Dangerous place – is inside your own head…

Following a London Tube disaster, three traumatised survivors turn to clinical psychologist, Dr Samantha Willerby, for help – but she’s mystified when their stories don’t add up. Her confusion turns to horror when one by one, instead of recovering, they start committing suicide.

When her partner, Conrad, begins to suffer the same terrifying flashbacks, Sam is desperate to find out what is causing them and a mysterious and chilling crime begins to unravel.

Then the flashbacks begin for Sam…

The first book in the Dr Samantha Willerby Series, INSIDE THE WHISPERS is a tense, haunting Psychological Thriller that will leave your nerves in shreds.

You can pre-order it now at only 99p/$1.29:

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Released on 20 October in ebook and paperback

Friday, 12 August 2016

Judge a book by its cover?

The Design of my latest Cover

I’m very honoured to have an excellent cover designer, Christa, at Paper & Sage in Kentucky, who manages to put together exactly what I’m looking for. I usually have a strong idea and image in my head for each book and that's how it was with Inside the Whispers. The story involves an incident on the London underground, so I wanted an image to reflect that: a Tube train coming into a station, surrounding by billowing smoke… Is it a bomb? Is it a fire? Is it on the train or in the station? Stop the questions right there – because this story is NOT what it seems..! (I like to involve a deep mystery and twists in my stories and you'll certainly find that, here).
I find that a lot of books have similar covers (especially psych thrillers!), often involving a lone young woman looking vulnerable, her back to camera, in the misty distance. I prefer to have covers that give more of a setting for the story and the focus here is on the ‘thriller’ aspect – although the title, Inside the Whispers, has a curious, chilling angle, too. After all, in psychological thrillers – the biggest threat comes from what is going on in the mind! It can be the mind of the lead character or the baddie(s), or both. This leads to uncertainty, doubt, then a sense of vicarious jeopardy in the mind of the reader! That's the nail-biting edge-of-your-seat feeling we all love. 

Amazon US ($1.29)
Amazon UK (99p) 
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(and all other Amazon outlets worldwide)
 More than anything, the cover needs to be eye-catching and has to SELL the book. This means it must be simple but striking, especially at thumbnail size. The image mustn’t shrink to a blur once it is reduced to the size most readers will see when it's advertised in an email ad, blog post or Amazon listing. Too much detail gets in the way and adds clutter. 

Early minimalist Penguin covers,

Covers for different genres

Ebooks don’t ‘need’ covers, but they all have them, so that you get a snapshot of the feel of the book when you’re browsing online. The Penguin cover here (from the 1930s) relies entirely on the title and author to grab the reader; the jacket is more about the brand of the publishing house than to entice you into the story. Nowadays, covers give distinct visual cues to indicate book genre. Take chick lit, for example – the font style is curly, the colours are soft and pastel, the image is jaunty. Thrillers (especially in the 70s) are hard-hitting using angular shapes, often in metallic colours. The cover for a psychological thriller needs to show the suggestion of what might be in store. There is a hidden element, something unknown and scary, covert, to be discovered. 

In the 1990s, when I first started reading novels by Minette Walters and Nicci French, the term ‘psychological thriller’ was gaining ground as a genre title. The covers were often based on black (the ‘noir’ edge) with single provocative images, such as these:

The Brand

Producing books with a similar look is important for writers. Readers want to glance at a cover and know immediately it’s the latest one written by their favourite author, regardless of the content of the story. The font becomes a trademark for many and when I first suggested a lower-case font for the titles to Christa at Paper & Sage, she came up with the brilliant distressed font I use for all my books.

Original cover of 
Girl on a Train, 2013
The original cover of Girl on a Train in 2013 was chosen from limited stock photos. It's got an erroneous old-fashioned feel to it; maybe it's a little chilling, but it doesn't tell us much about the story. When I re-released the book in 2015, I was able to give it a revamp with my own ideas! This was part of my brief to the designer:
2015 cover
with 'brand' theme

I'm looking for an image of a 'worried woman looking out of a train window'- it's June, but raining...

Christa came up with this excellent cover, which really says to me that the passenger has 'seen something that worries her' out of the window - you can see the component parts here.

I like having a tagline on the cover, too, a little teaser to draw the reader in. For Inside the Whispers the tagline is:

     Where the most dangerous place - is inside your own head...

 – and that pretty much sums up a psychological thriller to a tee!

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   Inside the Whispers is the latest Psychological Thriller from AJ Waines 
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  •  Over 1/4 Million books sold worldwide
  • Girl on a Train  a Number One Bestseller on Kindle in UK and Australia (2015)
  • The Evil Beneath Number One in 'Murder' and 'Psychological Thrillers' (UK Kindle charts)
  • Awarded Kindle KDP Top 10 'most-read Author' in UK (2015)
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Thursday, 11 August 2016

'Inside the Whispers' Cover Reveal!

I'm delighted to reveal the cover today 
for my new Psychological Thriller, Inside the Whispers...

It’s on Pre-order from Amazon NOW (99p/$1.29) 
 For release on 20th October (ebook and paperback)

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An insight into the 'making of the cover' coming tomorrow...

Saturday, 6 August 2016

New Release on its way...

Ooohh - the Countdown begins...

Watch this space...

All will be revealed on 11 August 2016